Local Produce

Locally grown food tastes better, is more nutritious, and is less dependent on fossil fuels than food picked before it's ripe and transported hundreds or thousands of miles. Besides, it's more fun to talk to the folks that grow or raise what you eat.

Support local growers by visiting their farm stands, stopping by one of the farmers' markets, or participating in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Hours may be seasonal, so please call before dropping by.



Barton Creek Farmers' Market

Saturdays from 9:00 to 1 at the Barton Creek Mall

Hope Farmers Market

Sundays from 10:00 to 2 at 414 Waller Street

SFC Farmers Markets

Saturdays 9 AM to 1 PM downtown at 4th & Guadalupe (Republic Square Park) and at The Tony Burger Center in Sunset Valley. Wednesdays 4 PM to 8 at The Triangle on 46th and Lamar.

Boggy Creek Farm

Wednesday thru Saturday 8am - 1pm

Springdale Farm Market Days

Wednesday and Saturday 9am - 1pm

Millberg Farm

Kyle Texas, Phone (512) 268-1433 for details. Tim Miller provides fresh, seasonal produce delivered to your door through his CSA program.